random insanity

A silent night falls over the forest. Shifting, a shadow constantly enters and leaves this realm of existence. “It” has no will of itself, yet it seems indecisive, appearing not to know where it belongs or was sent to. Still, it has a goal, something that has to be done, something there is to be achieved. Being ordered to obtain this goal but not knowing by whom (not that it would be of any importance, “it” simply obeys) the shade steadfastly searches and looks for a gleam in the darkness of the woods. Although it might appear lazy, if “it” would have senses, they would be extremely keen and so “it” wanders and waits. Maybe its master has given up on him already, not believing that its task could ever be fulfilled. Maybe the shadow has gone so deep into the darkness it was sent in, that it has already become part of it. But to be exact, “it” has no master in the actual sense of the word. “It” has none, as well as “it” has countless. Also, “it” can’t be enslaved, as well as it prostitutes itself to each and everyone who needs “it”. In all the time of its existence, the shadow of all men has been bent, but never broken, has been cursed, but never vanished, has been the last bastion against the everlasting abyss of the human soul and still hasn’t been extinct.


As faint as it might have been, “it” didn’t miss it and with a silent devotion and determination “it” approaches the tiny ray of emotion. No way that this event might have been left unnoticed. Ready to strike, “it” has no doubts concerning its success. Whether “it” will be able to conquer or will fail to take this chance, there will be an infinite number of other possibilities. In the long run, “it” always wins. People may loose faith but “it” can never be lost, will never be forgotten completely.

So, when has “it” pulled you back on your feet, when you were only hanging on by a thread? When you had thought you’d given up already and nothing made sense anymore? What was the last time you got struck by hope?