random insanity

Hardly I ever felt,
felt all the thoughts which ached inside
Not sure of what to say
lacking all means to understand.

But then someone came up to me,
locked up inside and yet so strong.
This person's light, I thought, could be
a redemption for my tortured soul.

I made a step towards her
not daring to express myself
not able to resist
not asking one part of my mind.

She said I'm just like you,
an outlaw in this alien world.
So just suffer with me,
and maybe one of us will be relieved.

Too happy to remember
all that i felt so long ago
I devoted myself to all
the thoughts of her and me.

But when time went by,
A foolish thought came to my mind:
Somehow I could feel a gap,
a border right between us.

I prayed that reason was all wrong,
but nothing seemed to cease the pain,
a searing arrow in my mind
that couldn't be forgotten.

She said that she was just like me
an outlaw in this alien world
but all that seemed so strange right now
were her echoes that I felt.

So what she did was what I call
not loving but abusing me
and now I couldn't help but see
the difference that was maiming us.

Whoever tasted once of it,
the sweet sweet drug that we call love
will never want to miss again
what he has felt so deep inside.

They say that hope is last to die
but how can I believe in that
if faith and all certainties
have died so long before?